Wonderful Photos Of Paragliding

Flying gives us this incredible sense of freedom; perhaps that is one of the favorite activities of anyone who likes adventure. If you dare to try, we present a selection of the best places to practice this extremeSPORTcalled paragliding. Look at this Photos Of Paragliding in amazing places.

Sometimes the world is a much nicer place seen from the clouds, high in the sky. So take a look at some great places for paragliding.


  • Flying over the pyramids. Yes, but Egypt seems these pyramids are in Sudan. Before you ask, no, it was not launched from the pyramids.
  • Above the Okavango. The Okavango river begins in Angola, borders during a stretch between Angola and Namibia and flows into the Okavango Delta in Botswana where it evaporates more flowing into the ocean


  • Enjoying the Haleakala. From the Haleakala you can do many lines of flight. Sometimes, we took off from the southern side. It’s a long flight, we landed in Kihei, or fly straight to Kula.
  • Acrobatic paradise. Dorlodot ensures that the trip has uncovered fabulous spots to practice acrobatic paragliding, perfect for flying and train new tricks places.


  • Green and blue. Dorlodot rises from the peak of an island in the Pacific Ocean. He and his friend Horacio Llorens, acrobatic paraglider, went to the islands in search of unique spots.

paragliding-world-cup-1What do you have like these spectacular places in the world for paragliding? Would you like to visit some of these places and practice this extreme sport? Please enter your review below in the comment box.

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Paragliding In Nepal Pictures

Paragliding in these lands can be a wonderful and experience for the great adventurers. A flight that will take you to contemplate some of the best landscapes on earth bird’s eye view, sharing the sky with griffin vultures Himalayan eagles, hawks, monasteries, temples. Watch it with Paragliding In Nepal Pictures.

These flights is aSPORTthat depends on the weather, and the season starts flying in Nepal from November to February, being the best months of November and December.

paragliding-forumThe takeoff point for these flights is Sarankot (1.592m.), Which alsoOFFERS prime views of Fewa lake and mountains at dawn and dusk and the landing is Lake Fewa.

On this flight you will see: the ranges of Annapurna, the beautiful landscape of the valley of Pokhara, the virgin forest surrounding it, isinglass, Himal Lamjung, Himal Annapaurna, Himchuli, Fewa Lake, the rice field, rivers and settlements that are below gives excitement and excellent overview. Make your dream of flying come true on this site, and do not forget in your life.

parachuting-with-hawks-2The flight lasts an average of 30 to 45 minutes. For those who want to know the flight but do not have two days to do the course, they can make a tandem jump with the monitor, the monitor will allow you to operate the controls of the glider during flight, with a previous explanation of its management.


  • The flight is a flight tandem two-seater can fly with the monitor. Paragliding harnesses are comfortable and safe, and feel more like an armchair.


  • After takeoff passengers just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. For this jump you do not need to have previous experience or have to do anything, because it is handled by the monitor.

flying-in-paragliding-mountainsHave you ever practiced paragliding? Would you like to paraglide? It is a greatSPORT full of adrenaline, it’s like a bird flying in the sky. It is an indescribable feeling. And even with the impressive mountains of Nepal in the background.

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