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Amazing Photos Of Photos Of Hot Air Balloons

Happy successful flights and hydrogen balloons, quickly multiplied the number of ascents and crew both in France and in other countries. However, soon it had to regret the first victims of ballooning. Learn about this with Photos Of Hot Air Balloons.

The first was Pilatre de Rozier, who was killed in 1785 along with his partner Jules Romain in the rapid fire manned balloon in their attempt to cross air the English Channel. Shortly afterwards two other French, Blanchard and Jeffries, tried the same trip and his flight was crowned by the success.


  • The first record of ascending height with normal hydrogen balloon as established in September 1862 the British meteorologists Coxwell and Glaisher, reaching a height of 8840 meters.
  • On April 15, 1875, thirteen years later, Gaston and his two companions Tissandier Silvel and Croce-Spinelli, aboard the balloon Zenith arrived at 8000 meters high, but lack of oxygen made the latter two died, earth coming alive, very exhausted, Gaston Tissandier.

In 1932, the Swiss physicist Auguste Piccard made an ascent up to 16,201 meters within a sealed, for complete sealing and suspended under a free balloon capsule, which was the first flight in the stratosphere of a human being. On May 4, 1961, Malcolm D. Rosson made a stratospheric ascent to 34,668 meters.

Many ascents throughout history have had a scientific or political purpose. For example, in 1870 the French government, in Paris under siege by the troops of William I of Prussia, he could outwit the siege manning a balloon and reach free territory.


In 1897, the Norwegian Andrée tried along with two companions crossing the North Pole, but the fragile little ships that held the balloon was blown away by the arctic winds and disappeared, until in 1930 the remains of the expeditionary and photographic plates found.

Initially the hot-air flight “lighter than air” had some fundamental flaws. Including the impossibility or extreme difficulty of guide, which made remain at the mercy of air currents and unexpected gusts of wind.

The balloons had large gaps and its use was risky, given for example the ease of fire, butgreat practical possibilities both in the military and scientific.

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  • Pictures Of Hot Air Balloons To Print

Gallery balloons, which are a sight to see the power of these enormous gas to lift objects. There are some amazing designs that can be found all over the internet. As these Pictures Of Hot Air Balloons To Print.

Still to date, at a time with supersonic aircraft and rockets into space, I feel interesting to see the balloons. See rise with pure gas, which is invisible but makes its presence to power help lift these huge objects to heaven.

elephant hot air balloon print

And even today, there are many fans of thisVEHICLE. There are competitions in balloons today, where we can see people adorning best. And preparing for the races.

They not only have to impress with your design. At the same time, they should be possible to win with speed, showing that they know how to utilize the resources that are AVAILABLE.


pictures of balloons to print

  • The balloons may no longer be one of the mainVEHICLES. But certainly there are loyal fans who like to build these devices. And in fact, for them it is a way of life in them for different skills.


  • What you you think? I have traveled by plane, but certainly at some point wanted to experience to fly in one of these.

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