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Powerful Military Aviation Pictures

In the early sixteenth century Leonardo da Vinci analyzed the flight of birds and predicted that after several designs were achievable. Among hisIMPORTANT contributions to the development of aviation  is the air screw or propeller and parachute. What do you know about Military Aviation Pictures?

He conceived three different types of heavier than air mills: the ornithopter, machine with wings like a bird that could be moved mechanically; the helicopter designed to rise by rotation of a rotor located on the vertical axis and the glider in which the pilot was fastened to a rigid structure to which were fixed wings designed to image large birds.


  • Leonardo believed that the muscular strength of man could allow the flight of their designs. Experience showed that this was not possible. It was a veryIMPORTANT figure because scientific techniques applied for the first time to develop their ideas.
  • Aviation means scrolling through air heavier than this, namely mechanical devices airplanes and helicopters. Airships and balloons are not included in this concept, because it mills that remain suspended in the air by their own means.

Moreover, the term also aviation industry and related organizations airplanes and helicopters. Military aviation includes material and human resources that make up the air force of a nation. 

world-war-ii-aircraftThe concept of military aviation involves the use of aircraft (airplanes and helicopters) for military purposes, either to attack the enemy as to support friendly forces within a given tactical and strategic framework.

war-airplane-photoMilitary aviation also includes everything that is related to flights of attack and defense, reconnaissance and surveillance, transport, rescue, and the like, as well as control systems and monitoring these.

the-war-planes-photosThe world of aviation is extremely long, its history goes back centuries. It is impressive to see how human technology progressed so rapidly since the invention of the first flying machine.

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Military Planes Images

In World War II, aviation and everything about it was veryIMPORTANT for all parties who were involved in this terrible incident. And it is that the planes are fast and efficient means of transport. But they can also be terrible machines of war, as you will see with these Military Planes Images.

You know what some of the planes that were used during World War II? If you do not, do not worry. Keep an eye on this list, so you will discover.


  • I-16 Rata. The advantages of this apparatus at the beginning of the war were its high degree ofresistance due to engine cooling air, reduced vulnerability to shocks, the large horizontal maneuverability and acceleration dynamics.
  • Yak-9. The largest aircraft of the Soviet Air Force from the second half of the war game.He participated in all operations of the Red Army after the Battle of Stalingrad. Widely used in all types of missions. Its high performance and features such as a good vertical maneuverability, made him famous even among the enemy pilots.


  • The-7. The best mass-produced Soviet fighter during the war and one of the best in the world between 1944-1945. Developed from the La-5, had a powerful weapon, great resistance in the combat (due to engine cooling air), optimized for simplicity maneuvers height and steering motor.


  • IL-2. The main attack aircraft of the Great Patriotic War. Apparatus design and conception very interesting and very powerful weaponry air-ground attack, including missiles, bombs and guns of 23 mm.


  • Tu-2. He deserves special attention for being the best dive bomber in the world at the time, that due to various circumstances cyclical nature of the USSR could be considered the best bomber of this kind at the beginning of the war in the world.

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