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Stories of Airplane Accident Images

The planes are less prone to accidents than most land vehicles, that is because air traffic is carefully calculated, unlike the terrestrial traffic that is filled with people of all kinds and in any state. Here are some stories of Airplane Accident Images.

But that does not mean it did not happen. In fact, one of the characteristics of some plane crashes, is that it is surrounded by mystery and things that do not fit or lack of information.


  • One of the first major aviation disasters, and perhaps the most famous of all. The aircraft pilot Amelia Earhart mysteriously disappeared somewhere in the Pacific when he tried to go around the world with Captain Fred Noonan. Nothing was heard of them or the aircraft and even today there are people who keep looking.


  • Nine men took off in April 1943 from eastern Libya heading to Naples for a mission during World War II. But they never returned. The plane suffered technical problems and into North Africa, where men parachuted. The eight who survived. The plane was discovered 15 years later and its engine was still running. 


  • The famous ‘Bermuda Triangle’ comprises the part of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. Legend says that dozens of ships and planes have disappeared in this area without a trace for decades.
  • Flight 800 of Trans World Airlines exploded. According to official investigations, due to a short circuit that caused an explosion in one of the fuel tanks. But the transmission of another pilot, claiming to have seen an explosion and then how water falling debris, prompted various conspiracy theories.


  • On March 8 flight MH370 disappeared while on Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route. Since then, nothing is known about the whereabouts of the plane or its 239 occupants.

Here are some examples of strange events in plane crashes, I’m sure you can find some very interesting other.

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Fantastic and retro Old Aeroplanes Images.

During wartime there were many advances in the field of aviation. In an effort to get the tools that enable take advantage over the enemy in war, were designed and built many different types of aircraft, with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Fantastic and retro Old Aeroplanes Images.

Fortunately, we are not at war. But we can have a look at these planes. They are a kind of remembrance of war that allows us to take into account that wars are expensive and pointless. It is a potential that can be used for other things.


  • Westland Lisander P12. The Westland Lisander was a British liaison aircraft whose greatest virtue was that it could take off and land on very short runways. For this reason it is best known for its use in missions behind enemy lines.
  • Belyayev DB-LK. A design engineer Viktor Belyayev Soviet aircraft. It was a long-range bomber with double fuselage, with two crew cabins (on a pilot and was on the other radio operator / gunner).


  • J7W1 Kyushu Shinden. Hunting with canard configuration (horizontal stabilizers are situated in front of the wings) designed in 1944 by the captain of the Japanese Imperial Navy Masaoki Tsuruno. In test flights showed great maneuverability.


  • Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender. The other hunting canard configuration of the war was this model designed for the US Army Air Corps. Unlike Shinden, it was never approved production. Only a prototype, which first flew in July 1943. Its swept wings gave it a more futuristic than the Japanese fighter was built appearance.


  • Bachem Ba 349 Natter. The Natter was a hunting zone defense designed in Germany in the final months of the war to meet Allied bombers. It is launched from a ramp, propelled by rockets.Once fired rockets carried in the nose, the pilot had to parachute (it was a single-use device).

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