Pictures Of Jesus And God To Raise Your Faith.

Sometimes we need a little something to give us faith, something that will fill you with passion and love for your Lord and savior, here we offer you these amazing Pictures Of Jesus And God To Raise Your Faith.

May the glory of the lord give you all the determination you need to keep on going with your life, and may you find happiness. Never forget that God is watching, he is a giving father and the only thing he ask for in return is your devoted love.

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Jesus died in the cross, he died for our sins, we have the obligation to love him over all things. Be good and Jesus and God will be good with you, it’s as simple as that, they love you and you should love them in return.

In this life the only thing that will grant you heaven will be your total faith for God and Jesus Christ. These beautiful pictures are proven to increase your faith on your love and savior and of course on God.

Nasa Hand Of God Space Image For You

Nasa is always providing us with magnificent and breathtaking pictures of our bast and amazing universe, recently a picture of a hand looking nebula has been released, people have called “The Hand Of God” it’s not the fist time something like this has happened

So here we will show you some other examples of beautiful pictures of space and the famous Nasa Hand Of God Space Image For You.

First of all here we have the Hand of God, it really looks like a giant solitary hand floating around in space, pretty cool right?

nasa-hand-of-god-space-image-for-you nasa-hand-of-god-space-image-for-you-clouds nasa-hand-of-god-space-image-for-you-of-facebook nasa-hand-of-god-space-image-for-you-star nasa-hand-of-god-space-image-for-you-to-publish

Here we have a picture known as The Eye Of God, for obvious reasons, shares a stunning resemblance with a human eye.

From this point on we’ll be showing you some amazingly beautiful pictures taken in outer space, just like with clouds you can almost identify objects or figures that aren’t really there.


For example in this pic I can see a lady with long hair and a cow’s head, what about you? In this one, I see a ballerina dancing across the stars, truly a beautiful sight, don’t you think?





























Space is a really fascinating place, maybe some day we’ll know more about it, just thinking about it makes me really happy, what about you?.

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