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Those in the northern hemisphere migrate south in late summer and return to theirPLACE OF ORIGIN in early spring. Those in the southern hemisphere make the journey in reverse, due to the difference in the succession of the seasons. There is also attitudinal migration: towards the mountainous regions in summer, and back to the plains in winter. Learn more with Migratory Birds Pictures And Information.

Offsets can be many kilometers as the Arctic tern and the golden plover, who spend the summer in Greenland and Alaska, and summer in the southern hemisphere, in southern Chile and even in Antarctic.

migratory-birds-pictures-and-informationOther birds like the collared flycatcher, the European thrush and cold bird, make short flights: do not stray from Western Europe and North Africa.

Although apparently the food shortage is the main cause of migration, shortening the day with the arrival of winter has its effects: birds resent the temperature change and is believed to also suffer from a hormonal change that alters.


  • Are oriented on how to reach their destination correctly, it is believed that flying at night are guided by the stars, and those who do day by the sun. Apparently they can instinctively interpret the heights and positions of these stars, and you may remember the geographical features of the places they have to go.


  • The fact is that the routes are almost always the same. The flycatchers, for example, return each year to nest at the same place from which he started last year.


Most migratory birds nest in the north, and when young are strong enough to start the trip fly south. Back north, young will be adults. The following spring, will need to nest, which they will again start the life cycle.

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  • Migratory Birds In India

Migratory birds are all those who travel from one side to another depending on the season. Usually usually go from north to south or vice versa in search of a better habitat to live, with better weather or more food available. Some do irregularly shaped and others are always in one direction. There is even Migratory Birds In India.

The main advantage of this migration has to do with energy because they go north where summer days are longer and thus may thereby play and get more time to feed their young every day.


  • When the days begin to shorten again, they return to where they left to take advantage of the summer is starting.
  • Birds use their orientation as a compass to know where they have to be addressed. They are guided by the position of the sun, but has also been discovered that combine other ability, such as detecting magnetic fields, smell and benchmarks.


  • It is expected that climate change that is experiencing the planet, affecting the migration of many birds.


  • There are already studies showing all problems, as chronological changes in migration, when they decide to reproduce and declining populations.

duck-migrationThere are many species of migratory birds endangered, especially because their travel do they get out of areas where there are laws to preserve and this is something that needs to be international.

birds-flying-southSome agreements have been signed between several countries for not hunting while they are moving from one extreme to another.

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