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The hummingbird is a bird belonging to the family of Trochilidae, a group of birds Apodiformes. His real name is the trocolinos, but commonly are called hummingbirds. Know the smallest bird on earth with these Pictures Of Birds.

Hummingbird family contains the smallest birds of all birds, reaching measure something less than 8 cm in length.


  • The smallest is the bee hummingbird of Cuba, also, interestingly, this sub-specie males are smaller than females, about 5cm. Despite this feature, all hummingbirds are very territorial.
  • Hummingbirds, the vast majority have a brilliants plumage colors. Males have throat feathers of red, blue or emerald green.

very-tiny-cute-birdsIn the ears and below the eyes have a violet feathers of color, which rise when they feel excited. The plumage of females is similar to males, but has patches of smaller ears and throat. They have a wide rounded tail and a black, thin and relatively short peak (long in proportion to its size).

photos-of-beautiful-birdsIn addition to its small size and bright colors, the hummingbird is a bird known for its characteristic flight. His flutter is fast so that even produces a buzz.

The origin of the hummingbirds is American. There is great diversity throughout Central America, Colombia and Ecuador. Coexist in climates where there is fundamentally flowers because nectar and small insects are the mainstays of their diet. To do so, hover over the flowers still in the air as he introduced his long tongue inside these.

full-white-hummingbirdThey are the only birds that can perform this maneuver flying backwards away from the flowers. Depending on the species of hummingbird and her favorite flower, this peak varies.

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Pictures Of Migratory Birds With Names

The bird migration refers to regular seasonal journeys of many species of birds. In addition to migration, the birds perform other movements in response to changes in foodAVAILABILITY habitat or weather. Migration is marked by its seasonality. That’s why here you have Pictures Of Migratory Birds With Names.

Many land birds migrate long distances. The most common pattern involves flying north to breed in the summer in temperate or arctic areas and return to the wintering in warmer southern regions.

pictures-of-migratory-birds-with-namesSensory systems process their particular stimuli in specific brain circuits. Thus, identification of what sensory system is active during orientation using the compass, it provides a way to recognize the sensory resource.

The only two parts of the central nervous system demonstrating that are very active during guidance through the compass are joined together by means of a well-known visual brain circuit.


  • The primary advantage of migration is energetic. The longest days of summer in the northern provide greater opportunities for breeding birds to feed their chicks.
  • The extension of daylight hours allows diurnal birds to produce larger clutches than non-migratory species that remain related in the tropics all year.
  • As the days shorten in autumn, the birds return to warmer regionswhere thefood supply varies little.
  • These advantages outweigh the risks of high stress, energy costs and other risks of migration.


  • Predation can be increased during migration; Eleonorae Falco which breeds in the Mediterranean islands have a very delayed breeding season, coordinated with the autumn passage of birds that migrate south of feeding her chicks.

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