How To Make Easy Paper Airplanes Pictures

Paper planes have existed during the same time, or more, than actual aircraft. In 1908 or 1909, paper airplanes were used to explain the principles of aerodynamics. Let’s learn how to make an Easy Paper Airplanes Pictures.

In 2012, paper airplanes found in the eaves of a chapel in England, which is believed to have more than 100 years. This eternal pastime is simple and easy for both beginners and experienced.


  • Use a sheet of plain paper A4 or letter. This is the standard printing paper and measures 8.5 x 11 inches. The paper should be square or rectangular and not cut. Fold the paper in half.
  • When folded, the paper orientation must be vertical and the fold should be along this medium and longer side. Make sure the corners match. Unfold the paper. Do not turn it back.


Fold the top two corners to the center fold. The edges of the paper should be aligned as closely as possible with the fold of the center.

easy-paper-airplanes-picturesFold the flap of paper in half again. Takes the top corner and fold the outer edge to the center. As in step 3, the edges should be joined along the vertical fold in the middle.

Fold the paper in half. Folding the paper in half, makes the crease along the vertical fold. Fold one side of the paper on top of the other, so that they fit accurately. Swipe or blunt a tool along the crease to make it more defined edge.

cool-easy-paper-airplanesFold the wings down. Place the paper so that the plane is oriented pleat at the bottom. Fold the paper down from the top to create a wing, leaving a few centimeters at the bottom.

I hope this quick guide to create a paper airplane you has been very useful. As we said at the beginning, it’s a fun practice for both learners and experts. You can spend time outdoors playing with aircraft that you built.

how-to-make-easy-paper-airplanesShare this pastime with others, your children, brothers, cousins, etc. So everyone can learn and excited by the art of paper folding. See you.

 Paper Airplanes For Kids Photos.

How many times since learned, have folded a piece of paper to make it a great plane? Countless times. Make a paper airplane, we can say that it is a tradition that is passed from person to person. And we always learn being kids, like on these Paper Airplanes For Kids Photos.

It is something like one of the first pieces of origami we learn to do since childhood. Have you ever wondered how to fly a paper airplane? You will learn here.


  • The forces acting on a paper airplane are the same as keeping an aircraft in flight: gravity, thrust, resistance and support. The latter is the upward force produced by the wings and opposes the gravitational.


  • Thrust is the driving force transmitted to the aircraft by a propeller or a turbine. In paper airplanes, thrust comes from the momentum with which the pitcher throws the plane and its value is soon overtaken by the aerodynamic resistance.

In the real aircraft, thrust and drag one hand and lift and weight on the other must be balanced to get a straight and level flight. But paper airplanes, lack of control over these forces makes flights are unpredictable.



While that’s not always the case if, for example, are paper airplane flights planned by experts pitchers.

how-to-make-simple-paper-airplanesFor example, the American Tony Fletch achieved a flight of 58.82 meters in 1985; and English Ken Blackburn got his paper airplane was kept in the air for 27.6 seconds in 1998.

simple-paper-airplanesIs not it incredible? How many seconds is the maximum that has flown a plane you’ve done? Please leave us your thoughts below in the comment box. We encourage you to build paper airplanes and try to break the world record.

If you liked this post, I share it with your children, or other small of your family. Also with your friends. Make a paper airplane contest, have fun, because the IMPORTANT thing is not to lose that inner child we all have. I hope you have a great day.

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