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The first hot air balloons appeared in 1700. These balloons using hot air produced by ground fire before takeoff, limiting the time they can stay in the air. Teach your children facts about balloons with Hot Air Balloon Pictures To Print.

For over 100 years, most balloons used hydrogen or helium instead. In 1960, Ed Yost pioneered the use of fuel on board, in the form of propane, and the modern era of the balloon began.

The real part of balloon assembly of a hot air balloon is the wrapper. The casing is made of aSPECIAL fabric woven nylon and polyester. This fabric is not airtight so is coated with sealant.

The envelope is made in sections, called gores, which are sewn together. Most balloons are round or teardrop. A flap is incorporated in the top of the enclosure for the hot air can be released when necessary.

various-hot-air-balloon-picturesThe basket of the balloon, carrying the burner and passengers, it is also called the gondola. Some gondolas can carry up to 20 passengers. Most baskets are woven from different kinds of reed, which is more durable for repeated as aluminum or plastic landings.

Open baskets have a large compartment, whereas the partition in T have sections that separate burner passengers. In addition to increasing security, partition in “T” makes the basket stronger.


  • The burner is the heating unit that produces hot air to lift the balloon. The burner fuel is pressurized propane cylinders. The burner design allows pressurized liquid propane gas becomes before lights, making stronger flame.
  • Smaller balloons use a single burner, but a double unit is more common. Large balloons, which can lift up to 20 passengers, have a maximum of four burner units linked together.

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Hot Air Balloon Pictures

geese things are better than a hot air balloon ride relaxed, in good weather, beautiful scenery and good company- is the perfect way to have a new perspective on the world. Let’s travel the world in Hot Air Balloon Pictures.

If you are thinking of making a balloon flight, or even if you’ve never considered, we want to tell you some things that will surely make you feel like this experience.

hot-air-balloon-picturesThe balloon was invented by two brothers, Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier, who launched the first free flight in Paris in 1783. The flight lasted 28 minutes and reached 1,000 meters away. The Pilatre de Rozier and the Marquis Francois d’Arlandes pilots were the first humans to see the earth from the air.

However, they were not the first living creatures to fly. About two months before the first flight, the Montgolfier brothers launched a test flight with a chicken, a duck and a sheep on board. All finished the trip.

cololful-balloon-hot-airOriginally he is carrying a bottle as “peace offering” to the terrified farmers whose lands could reach land.


  • The balloons can reach great heights. On November 26, 2005 Vijaypat Singhania set the world altitude record in balloon flight, reaching the 21,027 meters.


  • In the early days, it was customary for fire balloons catch fire and fall to be built in unsophisticated materials. Modern balloons are made of flame resistant synthetics.Currently, the balloon is one of the safest means of air transport.

festival-hot-air-balloonHave you ever traveled balloon or have enjoyed some of our experiences balloon? Would you like to travel in a balloon? If so, tell us how you were leaving a comment below this post.

Share these awesome facts about hot air balloons to your friends. Make a trip and fly in one of those magical things. Floating in the sky like a feather. High, very high up in the sky. I hope to see you soon, friend. Bye.

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