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AdventureSPORTS like paragliding can be really exciting for who practices and raise our adrenaline, but also pose a danger to our own welfare if proper safety measures are not taken. Lear what to wear with Paragliding Clothing Images.

Parachutes slope is short with which it is most popularly known for aSPORT like paragliding, emerged from the interest of a group of mountaineers who claimed descent the side of a mountain from its peak in the shortest possible time the skies.

paragliding-clothing-imagesTo undertake this kind of decline in aircraft-based ready-made cloth and ropes, the athlete in question is sitting in a chair, which remains subject through a kind of tapes similar to those used in climbing.

When thisSPORT is necessary to have adequate equipment to provide us with greater security and avoid any damage on our own physical integrity.

protection-for-face-paragliding-2In case you have any problems or unforeseen along your journey through the heavens damage, you MUST have in your chair an emergency parachute alternative what might happen.

  • On the other hand, if we consider that our journey will be extended more in time and we know that will be generated updrafts that can even hinder our trip, we choose to bring warm clothes and gloves, because as we ascend the temperatures are lower each time.


  • It is also necessary to equip with hiking BOOTS as when landing or even our launch, we have a kind of comfortable and sturdy shoes able to traverse uneven terrain and settlement of physicalACCIDENTS as rocks.

paragliding-gloves-2It is essential to control the speed at which we undertake our particular journey across the sky and altitude levels we encountered. For such issues, it is essential carry with us a high-meter.

paragliding-pictures-9We must not forget to check every so often the state is ourSPORT equipment, so avoid unnecessary and complicated solution along our journey surprises.

  • Parachute Regiment Badge Images

Wars are difficult situations where soldiers risk their lives to protect their country and what they believe is right. Many soldiers did not return alive arduous and difficult battles. But those returning are awarded medals. As the Parachute Regiment Badge Images.

The medals are recognition mode to soldiers who have done something good for their country, there are many types of medals, one is the Medal of Honor, for example. Check out this list.


  • The medal of honor. It is awarded for “gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his own life, beyond the call of duty, being in combat against an enemy of the United States” is extremely difficult to get if you are in the army, most of them are ” posthumously “granted (after death) because the precepts to receive carry a great risk to his own life.


  • Cross distinguished services. It is the second highest decoration of the United States, and like the Medal of Honor, it is extremely difficult to achieve. There are two variants for the navy and air force.


  • Distinguished Service Medal. It is awarded by “distinguished by exceptional merits the Government or services to the state duty of great responsibility” issued to officers and troops of the US Army distinguished by the exceptional meritorious government service in a place of great responsibility. It may be granted both in combat action or out of action.


  • Military Commendation Medal. In all its variants it is granted by “Distinguish for heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service.” It is usually awarded for the successful completion of one or more missions in different battlefronts, it is cheap and pretty easy to get to collectors.


  • Meritorious Service Medal. This permit is issued on behalf of the United States Army, “given for outstanding achievement or meritorious service to the United States.”

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