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For many, it is a dream to fly above the clouds. It’s something for us humans, it becomes almost impossible, because evolution has left us almost glued to the ground. Fortunately, we are intelligent and we have innovated in many different fields, such as aviation and aeronautics. Let’s Fly Between Clouds Images.

THANKS to that, we can see the clouds closely, traveling on a metal bird, known as the plane, and little more touch the clouds. While it is true that this can be done in other transport modes. As the hot air balloon.

fotos-of-clouds-sunsetThe clouds are composed of mostly water. It is water in the form of gases, but inside there may be very cold water, and kept at low temperatures it almost to the point of freezing.

When planes cross clouds with supercooled water, ie water remains liquid below the freezing point, the bore and the formation of ice crystals is favored, making snow occurs and rush to the surface.


  • In the clouds, the air temperature is around -10 ° C to. If no dust or ice crystals, solid particles considered the core of the freezing process, supercooled water can remain in liquid state, to -40 ° C.
  • You can touch the clouds, but actually, they are tiny droplets of liquid water (between 0.2 and 0.3 mm in diameter.) in suspension. Its small size allows them to stay in the air.
  • When its size reaches 1 and 5 millimeters fall as rain. I know you think that water is also colorless like steam, but do not rush, sunlight on droplets reflect visible colors that make up light, which when mixed result in the famous white color that distinguishes them.


Would you like to go high in the sky and touch the clouds? Please leave your thoughts below in the comment box.

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Freedom To Fly Messages

For us, humans, has always been wonderful the idea of flying. The skies as a bird, feel the freedom to virtually any link without limitations. Touch the clouds, day, night, anytime. It is something that many people crave. These are some Freedom To Fly Messages.

I’m sure you ever dreamed that you flew. Fortunately, in our dreams there are no real-world constraints. There we can be whoever and whatever. Those who have had lucid dreams about flying, must be lucky.


Life is very short, it is true. Do not waste time and get to the right person, sometimes we can not fly alone, but we can help each other and achieve take off together.

you-can-fly-picturesWe use analogies flying for many things, things like fly mostly are beautiful, powerful, inspiring freedom and respect at the same time. Flying is something like a GIFT that the gods gave very few creatures.


  • When you’re with someone who understands you perfectly, you understand, you know what you feel and know the things that you live, it is when you have enough trust to stretch your wings and fly next to that person. It’s a beautiful thing.


  • Never get discouraged, you can fall, you may feel defeated, but not fear. Heal your wings, strive to recover and learn to fly. Have wings, you just have to learn to use them correctly and get very far.

fly-to-you-alwaysBecause until you do not stretch your wings, you will not know how to fly. Aim high, dream big, lives as if there were no tomorrow. It crosses the sky as the beautiful creature you are. And do not let anyone stop you or tell you otherwise.

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