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Watch These Images Of Old Airplanes

Watch the following old airplane photos which we have brought to you on today´s post, you can tell us what you think about them, some lines below, but for the moments we would like to share with you a brief history about these images of old airplanes

The airplanes have been existing for a long time, the certainly have been redesigned many times over the years, so they can fit with modern specifications, and of course, they have been greatly improved to OFFER to their users a more secure environment4

vintage-airplane-pictures old-fashioned-airplanes delta-old-planesBut these vintage airplanes images are not modern airplanes, as you can see by yourselves, these images are showing the beginnings of the air industries, some of these planes we are showing to you today

pictures-of-old-planes-ready-to-take-off old-planes-for-saleAre in some way, the ancestors of the modern airplanes, they are like their predecessors, so, all of the planes we always see these days, have probably came from one of the airplanes shown in these images

Pictures of old planes

On this post, we will be sharing with you once again, some pictures of old planes, you possibly are asking about the reason for us to keep posting images of old airplanes, and, well, our answer is that we listened to your comments, and because of that, here are some images of this kind

very-old-airplanes pictures-of-old-airplanesAs we told to you in some of the previous post, these pictures of vintage planes are showing you how were the airplanes when the technology was not as advanced as the actual, some of these planes might even look archaic

old-airplanes-pictures But this is because, these planes actually represent the beginnings of the aviation era, when the planes were more basic, and of course, very insecure, compared to what they are in the actuality

So, if you are a fan of the aviation, you might these pictures we have shared with you today, very interesting, if you would like us to post images like these ones in a future post, make us know in the respective section below

Watch Commercial Aircraft Photos

The planes are great machines made by human engineering. They are a method very fast and safe transportation, much safer than traveling by road. As the airspace is much better controlled than a simple street in your city. We know more aircraft with these Commercial Aircraft Photos.

Some you ever wondered what is the biggest airplane? Then let’s answer that question. There are a few really large aircraft, some are for commercial use and you can get.


  • Airbus Beluga. Its main function is to carry the components of the Airbus aircraft from production sites to final assembly lines, or moving components of the International Space Station, industrial machines, or helicopters.


  • Airbus A380. It is the plane of the world’s largest passenger. There is also a model for carrying loads (up to 150 tons). It measures 73 meters long, 79.75 meters wide and 24.1 meters high, can accommodate 555 passengers in its standard version.
  • Antonov 225. It is the turn to Ukraine, the Antonov 225 is an aircraft of Ukrainian origin who is also called Mirya (Dream). The Antonov 225 was designed for the Soviet space program. It could transport the booster rockets of Energy and Buran space shuttle.


  • Boeing 747-800. It was presented in November 2005. It is the most advanced and largest aircraft of the Boeing 747 family and can carry 16% more passengers than the Boeing 400 version.


  • GALAXY C – 5. It is the turn to the military industry and Galaxi C-5 is a US military transport aircraft designed to provide at intercontinental distances, strategic airlift equivalent.

It’s amazing how has refined the creation and construction of these aircraft. Enormous and heavy machines capable of flying thousands of kilometers high and hundreds of kilometers per hour.

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Diecast Model Aircraft Images

Many fans aviation models are very interested in military aircraft, which are usually the best known. But there are also followers of the models of civilian aircraft, those without histories of battles behind them but no less interesting. Watch these Diecast Model Aircraft Images.

Build model airplanes is a very interesting and even relaxing activity. It is a hard work that requires patience and dedication to complete. And besides, it is perfect.


  • Havilland. Unfortunately de Havilland Aircraft no longer exists, but created some excellent aircraft between the 20s and 90s of last century. Which is seen in the photo is a model De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver.
  • Cessna. Cessna is the king of light aviation. They have few commercial aircraft, but their light aircraft are those that have made them so famous worldwide. The model image is a monoplane 6-seat Cessna 310 and twin engines.


  • Boeing. Boeing is talking about talking about tens of mythical, commercial and light aircraft, perhaps the most popular brand of aviation. The Boeings are great for models of all types: static, plastic models, RC, and even role models.


  • Hawker Beechcraft. The Hawker Beechcraft is an English company that has built some of the best British aircraft. They have developed models both civilian and military. Some very interesting are Trident Hawker, Hawker Siddeley HS 748


  • Challenger ultralight. The Challenger is a perfect ultralight aircraft. There are still fans who build and blow up this plane. This is one of those models where construction is a challenge, as there are many kits or plans online.

diecast-airplane-modelsYou take an interest in building model airplanes? Leave us your comments in the section below. Which plane would build the model?

Remember that you can share this info with other friends. Maybe they will encourage and help you build a model plane. Or maybe they want to build your own. I hope to see you soon, take care.

Share These Flying Model Aircraft Kits Photos

Decide what kind of plane you want to build. There are three basic types of wooden model airplanes: to build from scratch with kit ready to assemble and almost ready to fly (ARF). Watch how to make these with Flying Model Aircraft Kits Photos

The ARF aircraft require little time investment. The ready to assemble kit usually include pre-printed balsa wood and everything needed to complete the plane. Building from scratch is more challenging and is not recommended for beginners.


  • Prepare your workplace. Choose a well-lit and near an outlet area. You will need a cardboard table on which to work and build a table that you can create yourself from an old board or a cork ceiling slab.
  • Gather your tools. There are some basic tools you should have before you start building wooden model airplanes. These are: pin rights, sandpaper, a good utility knife or knives craftsman team, a ruler and glue.

the-airplane-shop-miamiRead the instructions completely before beginning. It is important to understand what you will be doing and in what order will realize each step.

If you are building from scratch or if your computer does not have pre-printed pieces of balsa wood or die, you have to trace the planes in balsa wood. One of the easiest ways to do that is fastened with a pin above the flat sheet balsa


Then carefully draw each line in the plane with a number two pencil without a point or an orange stick. Exerts enough pressure to print cut lines in the sheet of balsa wood. Label the pieces to avoid confusion.

rc-model-airplane-kitsSome time built your own scale model airplane? Please leave us your story in this stuff down in the comment box. If you have some tips or advice for those who want to venture into this world. Go ahead, write.model-plane-kitsPlease share this post with your friends, you may also be interested in building great model airplanes that can fly. See you.

Model Airplanes Kits Pictures

Building an ultralight airplane kit is like riding your first Lego or models like. Remember you did as a child? It was not easy, but everyone could do it. It was exciting and fun, and you felt proud to finish it, is not it? Let’s get back to it with Model Airplanes Kits Pictures.

Over the years, some children continued to build more complicated models and enjoying it, while others preferred to pursue other different activities.


  • If you are the first group, this article to understand the basics about using a construction kit ultralight aircraft.
  • Construction kits ultralight aircraft and microlights are tested and documented packages of parts with which you can build a fully functional airplane.

flying-model-airplane-kitsIf built correctly, your new vehicle will not be less safe or less quality than any other airplane in any respect.

The aircraft built from a construction kit are considered experimental category and should be recorded as such after completion. As with any other plane, a pilot’s license is required to fly the airplane built by you.

In some countries the construction process should be monitored by specialized agencies, otherwise you can not register it (as is usual in these cases, check the laws).

flying-model-aircraft-kits-photosAlmost all companies that sell airplanes also sell construction kits. Usually it offers a greater variety of colors and patterns offered in the construction kits by purchasing airplanes already built.

flying-model-aircraft-kits-3I hope you will be excited and you venture into the world of building model airplanes. There are very many different kits for beginners to experts, all kinds of aircraft. You can check experts forums to learn more.

Share this article with others interested in the world of construction of scale models. You may make new friends. It would be great. Have a great day, we see you.

Check Hang Glider With Motor Images

zA hang glider flying on the same principles that a plane. It is a glider that can be transported off and landed with only the help of the pilot’s legs. Do you know thing about the Hang Glider With Motor Images?

ThisSPORT is based on the use of ascending air or thermals with a hang glider, flying by the principles that apply to any aircraft.

motor-hang-glider-for-sale-3It consists of a candle supported by an aluminum frame in whose center the pilot is suspended by a harness and usually adopts a lying position.

ERECTINGgliding through changes pendulum position which shifts the center of gravity. The pilot can stay aloft for long periods and perform stunts.


  • Class 1: delta wings with a “flexible” rigid primary structure on which the pilot has control only by shifting his weight. Secondary controls are permitted regulation and adjustment, as long as they operate symmetrically on the two planes
  • Class 2: delta wings with a rigid primary structure with movable aerodynamic surfaces have as an essential means of control around any axis. Gives greater rigidity once packed volume is higher and higherPRICE.

The main objectives of competition are straight line distance. Gain height, distance to a target. Time and distance in a triangular circuit.

Do you know about this extremeSPORT as is the hang glider? You dare flying through the sky in one of these devices? Give us your thoughts on this issue below in the comment box.

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  • Hang Gliding Equipment Images

Hang gliding is a SPORT with which you can experience one of the most fantastic sensations, fly. But it is necessary to know both what it is, as the necessary Hang Gliding Equipment Images.

Hang gliding is a frame consisting of a fabric shaped like a triangle. Said fabric is reinforced with a skeleton of aluminum and other metal structure is hung which is secured to the pilot through a harness, which also serves to direct the same.


  • The first thing you should purchase is necessary to hang gliding equipment safely. This is relatively simple, as it consists of a monkey orSPECIAL suit depending on where you are going to make the flight, a helmet, goggles and gloves.
  • As additional equipment is usually also carry a knife to cut the ropes of the parachute in case of falling into a tree or water, lights, climbing ropes, radio and first aid kit.

hang-gliding-gearTo hang gliding qualification is required through an accredited school such flights. In the course, which usually lasts about a week, they teach what to do on land, launch, flight and landing.

Similarly it should be a review of basic theory sliding. Depending on the school learning, they can use for the first two-seater flights a hang glider or hills just for training.

As you increase the ability to fly you can go to obtain approval for alpine or motorized flights. Before hang gliding is advisable to inquire of the places where it is allowed to fly in this mode, and may avoid unnecessary ACCIDENTS.

The delta wing has been considered a dangerousSPORT, but the truth is they are very resistant devices and few of its components can be damaged easily.

hang-gliding-harness-1The greatest danger of thisSPORT is to slide at the mercy of the thermals and wind, although the pilot may have a parachute harness safety in case of problems.

I hope you liked this interesting post about this extreme sport as is the Hang Gliding. If so, please share it in your social networks. We will be very thankful with you. I hope to see you soon again.

Powerful Military Aviation Pictures

In the early sixteenth century Leonardo da Vinci analyzed the flight of birds and predicted that after several designs were achievable. Among hisIMPORTANT contributions to the development of aviation  is the air screw or propeller and parachute. What do you know about Military Aviation Pictures?

He conceived three different types of heavier than air mills: the ornithopter, machine with wings like a bird that could be moved mechanically; the helicopter designed to rise by rotation of a rotor located on the vertical axis and the glider in which the pilot was fastened to a rigid structure to which were fixed wings designed to image large birds.


  • Leonardo believed that the muscular strength of man could allow the flight of their designs. Experience showed that this was not possible. It was a veryIMPORTANT figure because scientific techniques applied for the first time to develop their ideas.
  • Aviation means scrolling through air heavier than this, namely mechanical devices airplanes and helicopters. Airships and balloons are not included in this concept, because it mills that remain suspended in the air by their own means.

Moreover, the term also aviation industry and related organizations airplanes and helicopters. Military aviation includes material and human resources that make up the air force of a nation. 

world-war-ii-aircraftThe concept of military aviation involves the use of aircraft (airplanes and helicopters) for military purposes, either to attack the enemy as to support friendly forces within a given tactical and strategic framework.

war-airplane-photoMilitary aviation also includes everything that is related to flights of attack and defense, reconnaissance and surveillance, transport, rescue, and the like, as well as control systems and monitoring these.

the-war-planes-photosThe world of aviation is extremely long, its history goes back centuries. It is impressive to see how human technology progressed so rapidly since the invention of the first flying machine.

soldier-and-aircraftWhat do you think your aviation? Please leave your opinions below in the comment box, we want to know what you think. You can also share this article with others interested in the subject. Take care.

Military Planes Images

In World War II, aviation and everything about it was veryIMPORTANT for all parties who were involved in this terrible incident. And it is that the planes are fast and efficient means of transport. But they can also be terrible machines of war, as you will see with these Military Planes Images.

You know what some of the planes that were used during World War II? If you do not, do not worry. Keep an eye on this list, so you will discover.


  • I-16 Rata. The advantages of this apparatus at the beginning of the war were its high degree ofresistance due to engine cooling air, reduced vulnerability to shocks, the large horizontal maneuverability and acceleration dynamics.
  • Yak-9. The largest aircraft of the Soviet Air Force from the second half of the war game.He participated in all operations of the Red Army after the Battle of Stalingrad. Widely used in all types of missions. Its high performance and features such as a good vertical maneuverability, made him famous even among the enemy pilots.


  • The-7. The best mass-produced Soviet fighter during the war and one of the best in the world between 1944-1945. Developed from the La-5, had a powerful weapon, great resistance in the combat (due to engine cooling air), optimized for simplicity maneuvers height and steering motor.


  • IL-2. The main attack aircraft of the Great Patriotic War. Apparatus design and conception very interesting and very powerful weaponry air-ground attack, including missiles, bombs and guns of 23 mm.


  • Tu-2. He deserves special attention for being the best dive bomber in the world at the time, that due to various circumstances cyclical nature of the USSR could be considered the best bomber of this kind at the beginning of the war in the world.

military-planes-imagesInterested in history? Are you interested in topics related to the first and second world war? Please leave your thoughts below in the comment box. It would be interesting to read moreVIEWS.

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Amazing Photos Of Photos Of Hot Air Balloons

Happy successful flights and hydrogen balloons, quickly multiplied the number of ascents and crew both in France and in other countries. However, soon it had to regret the first victims of ballooning. Learn about this with Photos Of Hot Air Balloons.

The first was Pilatre de Rozier, who was killed in 1785 along with his partner Jules Romain in the rapid fire manned balloon in their attempt to cross air the English Channel. Shortly afterwards two other French, Blanchard and Jeffries, tried the same trip and his flight was crowned by the success.


  • The first record of ascending height with normal hydrogen balloon as established in September 1862 the British meteorologists Coxwell and Glaisher, reaching a height of 8840 meters.
  • On April 15, 1875, thirteen years later, Gaston and his two companions Tissandier Silvel and Croce-Spinelli, aboard the balloon Zenith arrived at 8000 meters high, but lack of oxygen made the latter two died, earth coming alive, very exhausted, Gaston Tissandier.

In 1932, the Swiss physicist Auguste Piccard made an ascent up to 16,201 meters within a sealed, for complete sealing and suspended under a free balloon capsule, which was the first flight in the stratosphere of a human being. On May 4, 1961, Malcolm D. Rosson made a stratospheric ascent to 34,668 meters.

Many ascents throughout history have had a scientific or political purpose. For example, in 1870 the French government, in Paris under siege by the troops of William I of Prussia, he could outwit the siege manning a balloon and reach free territory.


In 1897, the Norwegian Andrée tried along with two companions crossing the North Pole, but the fragile little ships that held the balloon was blown away by the arctic winds and disappeared, until in 1930 the remains of the expeditionary and photographic plates found.

Initially the hot-air flight “lighter than air” had some fundamental flaws. Including the impossibility or extreme difficulty of guide, which made remain at the mercy of air currents and unexpected gusts of wind.

The balloons had large gaps and its use was risky, given for example the ease of fire, butgreat practical possibilities both in the military and scientific.

hot-air-ballooningI hope you have liked this post. Please share the history of hot air balloon with others. It is a great mode of transportation. With beautiful views of the landscape. Have a nice day.

  • Pictures Of Hot Air Balloons To Print

Gallery balloons, which are a sight to see the power of these enormous gas to lift objects. There are some amazing designs that can be found all over the internet. As these Pictures Of Hot Air Balloons To Print.

Still to date, at a time with supersonic aircraft and rockets into space, I feel interesting to see the balloons. See rise with pure gas, which is invisible but makes its presence to power help lift these huge objects to heaven.

elephant hot air balloon print

And even today, there are many fans of thisVEHICLE. There are competitions in balloons today, where we can see people adorning best. And preparing for the races.

They not only have to impress with your design. At the same time, they should be possible to win with speed, showing that they know how to utilize the resources that are AVAILABLE.


pictures of balloons to print

  • The balloons may no longer be one of the mainVEHICLES. But certainly there are loyal fans who like to build these devices. And in fact, for them it is a way of life in them for different skills.


  • What you you think? I have traveled by plane, but certainly at some point wanted to experience to fly in one of these.

hot-air-balloon-print-outPlease leave us your thoughts below in the comment box. The truth is that we impress us the wonderful designs that can be created for use as hot air balloon. It is wonderful to see the creativity and hard work of some people fly through the sky like a bird.

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Look Pictures Of Airplanes And Jets

There are many failed machine designs but my aviation is the most striking me and there is a universe of incredible rare aircraft that have flown not know how. Take a look at these weird Pictures Of Airplanes And Jets.

Well, I put together a list of the ones I like to me, either by strangers or excellent, yes, because rare does not mean bad, there is simply radical.


  • Dornier Do 335. The Do 335 is one of the most beautiful aircraft of World War II, its design was fantastic for the time and even superior to many early jets.
  • XF-85 Goblin. The idea behind the Goblin is fantastic, is not new, and had been implemented in the interwar blimps, but when the time to prepare long-range strategic bombers came reemerged problem How do you defend?


  • Mil V-12. The V-12 was a project that some being carried out became meaningless for the time, ICBMs were unnecessary short-range rockets carry forward, could now cross the globe without problems. The V-12 was also used to transport passengers, it was so great that more than 190 people come into it.


  • Blohm & Voss BV 141. One of the craziest designs Blohm & Voss came from, had every crazy idea, the most striking were asymmetries and in that sense the BV 141 was carried awards.
  • Lockheed Xfv Salmon. Harrier several years before there were other attempts to vertical takeoff of an airplane, but of course, resources were limited and it shows in the design and concept of XFV, a takeoff literally, vertical.

aviation-cornerYou liked this post on some more strange aircraft in the world? What designers were thinking when they came up with these ideas? Please leave us your thoughts below in the comment box.


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  • Pictures Of Aeroplanes To Print FOR FREE

One of the coolest things you can live a little boy, is the experience of flying on an airplane. The planes are very exciting for the kids and they love the idea of flying like a bird. Give your children these Pictures Of Aeroplanes To Print FOR FRE.

Overall though when getting on a plane the kids get a little nervous, actually like the ride once you get used. Especially like the view.

pictures-of-aeroplanes-to-printAir travel is something that is difficult for many people, even adults. We have already mentioned on other occasions tips that can help us to enjoy a more pleasant and enjoyable.

 The level of difficulty increases considerably if you travel with children. For we know that the smallest of the house are very restless and are usually nothing comfortable when they have to spend long periods in confined spaces.


Some experts and parents say that good advice is to take the flight very tired children. This is believed to be achieved to make them sleep as long as possible.

planes-colouring-pictures-to-printBut it is a double-edged sword. Although in some cases it can happen and we leave benefit, in others the result may be even worse. Do you know what happens to a child who is also tired restless? That is going to complain much, it will suffer even more and that will give us more headaches. More, more, more.


It is best to choose otherwise. The child to rest before the trip and if he sleeps, which is in its normal time period. But we do not believe that make them suffer is a good solution.

aeroplane-pictures-to-print-and-colour-e1467663749932I hope these images have liked your children. You can print them and give them to them so they paint as they prefer. This will help to calm down before a flight.

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Powered Hang Gliders Images Here

A glider is an aircraft built of tubes and fabric, unpowered flying off from a mountain or towed with a cable. The distinctive feature of the delta wing gliders respect is the ability to take off on foot, without wheels. There is other type of glider, as Powered Hang Gliders Images.

Once folded, the delta wing is reduced to a pack of four to six meters long and about 30 cm. diameter can be easily transported on the roof of a car.


  • You are hung from the center point of the wing. Grabing the triangle, you can move your body left and right, back and forth.
  • In doing so, the center of gravity of the wing moves, and the wing leans to that side: pulling the body to the right, turn right; pulling the body to the left, turn left; pulling the body forward (by pulling the triangle), quicken; and throwing back (by pushing the triangle), you brake.

You fly in favorable weather conditions, usually it arrives in the 3,000 or 3,500 meters, or even to the four-thousand. South of the Iberian Peninsula has reached 5,500. In some areas of flight Africa and the United States it is usual flying at 6,000 or 7,000 meters, requiring the use of oxygen.

motorized-hang-glidersBut the real goal of a hang glider pilot is not climb very high, but do big tours. Experienced pilots usually make round trips of over 100 km.

The current record passing 24 h., And the International Aeronautical Federation, which is responsible for these matters, and is no longer accepting record is in this category.

Good pilots fly four to six hours on a normal day. Again, you have to acquire the knowledge necessary to get it, and at first hardly will fly for more than twenty minutes.

picture-on-paraglidingIf you liked this post, please share it with your friends. Wouldn’t be amazing to fly like a bird in one of this hand glider? Please leave your opinion in the comment section below. I hope you have a nice day.

  • Pictures Of Planes Flying

Learning to fly is a dream for many people around the world, but it is only by a few lucky individuals. We are taught from an early age that flying airplanes is a good experience. Get these Pictures Of Planes Flying.

Everyone reading this have probably seen a baby who was asked to open the hangar for aircraft, when a spoon full of food flies into his mouth. Flying is really a great experience, and one that brings a freedom that no other experience can match.

Familiarize yourself with the process. Learning to fly a plane may seem like a huge complicated and confusing task. As you become familiar with the process you should know what to expect in advance, the process becomes more simple and straightforward, not to mention that also happens to be much less stressful.


  • Be sure to meet the basic requirements for a pilot’s license. You should be able to read, write and speak English fluently, since English is the national language of aviation. There are also minimum age requirements.


  • You must be at least 16 years of age, to have a student certificate, or at least 17 years old to have a pilot’s license.

Save enough money to get your pilot’s license. There are costs for your medical examination, expenses for instruction, plane, car or club dues flight, the charges for your final test, among other charges. On average, you can expect to spend around US $ 5,000 to get your pilot’s license.

airplane-colors-flyingGet your medical certificate. You’ll have to get a medical certificate from an Airman Medical Examiner (AME) which is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

pictures-of-airplanes-flyingSearch a flight instructor or school. Usually, flight schools listed in the yellow pages of your phone book.

what-planes-are-flying-overheadBut a quick trip to your local airport is all it takes to find local instructors. Visit the business office and ask around about where you can find instructors.

I hope you liked this post about learning how to drive an airplane. It is indeed a complicated and a very long process. So you should be getting ready right now if you want to do it fast. Share these post with other people in your social network. Hope to see you soon.

Stories of Airplane Accident Images

The planes are less prone to accidents than most land vehicles, that is because air traffic is carefully calculated, unlike the terrestrial traffic that is filled with people of all kinds and in any state. Here are some stories of Airplane Accident Images.

But that does not mean it did not happen. In fact, one of the characteristics of some plane crashes, is that it is surrounded by mystery and things that do not fit or lack of information.


  • One of the first major aviation disasters, and perhaps the most famous of all. The aircraft pilot Amelia Earhart mysteriously disappeared somewhere in the Pacific when he tried to go around the world with Captain Fred Noonan. Nothing was heard of them or the aircraft and even today there are people who keep looking.


  • Nine men took off in April 1943 from eastern Libya heading to Naples for a mission during World War II. But they never returned. The plane suffered technical problems and into North Africa, where men parachuted. The eight who survived. The plane was discovered 15 years later and its engine was still running. 


  • The famous ‘Bermuda Triangle’ comprises the part of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. Legend says that dozens of ships and planes have disappeared in this area without a trace for decades.
  • Flight 800 of Trans World Airlines exploded. According to official investigations, due to a short circuit that caused an explosion in one of the fuel tanks. But the transmission of another pilot, claiming to have seen an explosion and then how water falling debris, prompted various conspiracy theories.


  • On March 8 flight MH370 disappeared while on Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur-Beijing route. Since then, nothing is known about the whereabouts of the plane or its 239 occupants.

Here are some examples of strange events in plane crashes, I’m sure you can find some very interesting other.

accident-airplane-bermuda-triangleWhat do you think about this? I hope you write your opinions below in the comment box, we are greedily for reading the theories and information you may have about it. I hope you have good day.

Fantastic and retro Old Aeroplanes Images.

During wartime there were many advances in the field of aviation. In an effort to get the tools that enable take advantage over the enemy in war, were designed and built many different types of aircraft, with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Fantastic and retro Old Aeroplanes Images.

Fortunately, we are not at war. But we can have a look at these planes. They are a kind of remembrance of war that allows us to take into account that wars are expensive and pointless. It is a potential that can be used for other things.


  • Westland Lisander P12. The Westland Lisander was a British liaison aircraft whose greatest virtue was that it could take off and land on very short runways. For this reason it is best known for its use in missions behind enemy lines.
  • Belyayev DB-LK. A design engineer Viktor Belyayev Soviet aircraft. It was a long-range bomber with double fuselage, with two crew cabins (on a pilot and was on the other radio operator / gunner).


  • J7W1 Kyushu Shinden. Hunting with canard configuration (horizontal stabilizers are situated in front of the wings) designed in 1944 by the captain of the Japanese Imperial Navy Masaoki Tsuruno. In test flights showed great maneuverability.


  • Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender. The other hunting canard configuration of the war was this model designed for the US Army Air Corps. Unlike Shinden, it was never approved production. Only a prototype, which first flew in July 1943. Its swept wings gave it a more futuristic than the Japanese fighter was built appearance.


  • Bachem Ba 349 Natter. The Natter was a hunting zone defense designed in Germany in the final months of the war to meet Allied bombers. It is launched from a ramp, propelled by rockets.Once fired rockets carried in the nose, the pilot had to parachute (it was a single-use device).

bombarding-aircraft-from-warWell, this has been another post about interesting aircraft designs, its history and its uses. Please leave your thoughts below in the comment box. We look forward to reading.

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Antonov 225 Military Cargo Planes Pictures

The An-225 Mriya Antonov is a strategic airlifter heavy load of six engines, designed and manufactured by engineers of Antonov Aeronautical Scientific Technical Complex in Ukraine. Designated by NATO with the name ‘Cossack’, its official name preceding the model name, ‘Mriya’ means ‘dream or inspiration’ in Ukrainian. These is one of the Military Cargo Planes Pictures.

The aircraft, derived from the An-124 Ruslan is the fixed-wing aircraft largest and heaviest in the world capable of carrying up to 640 tons of cargo safely, being considerably higher in size compared to the Airbus 380, the An-124 and the Boeing 747.

antonov-comand-cabineThe An-225 is ready to run both military operations and civilian, even in the worst weather conditions. However, the aircraft was designed primarily to transport rocket in its service area to the launch site as part of the Space Shuttle Program of the USSR.

  • The large payload can be carried in the space of the cargo as well as abroad through a fixed mount system located on top of the aircraft.


  • Engineers at the Antonov Design Bureau began development of the aircraft in 1984initially planning to manufacture two prototypes. The first one, took its first flight in December 1988, officially entering service the following year.


  • The aircraft initially had a maximum gross weight of 600 t, which was increased to 640 t by implementing a supplementary bottom surface, under a program update at a cost of 15 million euros.

The large pressurized cargo compartment can accommodate a wide variety of payloads, which has a length of 43 m, a width of 6.4 m, a height of 4.4 m, a surface area of 280 m² and a volume of 1,300 m³.

indian-air-force-transport-aircraftUndoubtedly, this is one of the largest aircraft in every way, cost, transportation, size, weight. It’s amazing the amount of things that the aircraft can carry from one world to the other, without even trying.

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Air Force Transport Planes Pictures.

The freighters are a type of fixed-wing aircraft designed or adapted for transport operations of goods, therefore they are devoid of facilities allowing passengers usually integrate larger doors for easy entry and exit of large loads. These are some Air Force Transport Planes Pictures.

This greatly facilitates the construction of buildings, other aircraft and much more. For the enormous material to build these things can be easily transported around the world by one of these aircraft.


  • The first 747-400BCF conversion program was delivered to Cathay Pacific Airways in December 2005. The aircraft can carry a payload of 108 tons, designed to guarantee a range of up to 7,576 km.


  • The C-5M Super Galaxy, an improved variant of military transport plane C-5 Galaxy Lockheed Martin, can carry a maximum payload of 129 tons such as six MRAPVEHICLES and five helicopters.


  • The Boeing 747-200F, a variant transport exclusively based on the 747-200 passenger aircraft cargo can carry a maximum payload of 110 tons.

  • The Boeing 747-300SF  Freighter), which was developed under the modification program 747-300 can carry up to 106 tons of payload.


  • The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter, also known as 747-400LCF (Large Cargo Freighter), is designed to transport large fuselage sections and wings of the 787 Dreamliner from associatedFACTORIES around the world to the final assembly plant in Everett Boeing , Washington.

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