Antonov 225 Military Cargo Planes Pictures

The An-225 Mriya Antonov is a strategic airlifter heavy load of six engines, designed and manufactured by engineers of Antonov Aeronautical Scientific Technical Complex in Ukraine. Designated by NATO with the name ‘Cossack’, its official name preceding the model name, ‘Mriya’ means ‘dream or inspiration’ in Ukrainian. These is one of the Military Cargo Planes Pictures.

The aircraft, derived from the An-124 Ruslan is the fixed-wing aircraft largest and heaviest in the world capable of carrying up to 640 tons of cargo safely, being considerably higher in size compared to the Airbus 380, the An-124 and the Boeing 747.

antonov-comand-cabineThe An-225 is ready to run both military operations and civilian, even in the worst weather conditions. However, the aircraft was designed primarily to transport rocket in its service area to the launch site as part of the Space Shuttle Program of the USSR.

  • The large payload can be carried in the space of the cargo as well as abroad through a fixed mount system located on top of the aircraft.


  • Engineers at the Antonov Design Bureau began development of the aircraft in 1984initially planning to manufacture two prototypes. The first one, took its first flight in December 1988, officially entering service the following year.


  • The aircraft initially had a maximum gross weight of 600 t, which was increased to 640 t by implementing a supplementary bottom surface, under a program update at a cost of 15 million euros.

The large pressurized cargo compartment can accommodate a wide variety of payloads, which has a length of 43 m, a width of 6.4 m, a height of 4.4 m, a surface area of 280 m² and a volume of 1,300 m³.

indian-air-force-transport-aircraftUndoubtedly, this is one of the largest aircraft in every way, cost, transportation, size, weight. It’s amazing the amount of things that the aircraft can carry from one world to the other, without even trying.

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Air Force Transport Planes Pictures.

The freighters are a type of fixed-wing aircraft designed or adapted for transport operations of goods, therefore they are devoid of facilities allowing passengers usually integrate larger doors for easy entry and exit of large loads. These are some Air Force Transport Planes Pictures.

This greatly facilitates the construction of buildings, other aircraft and much more. For the enormous material to build these things can be easily transported around the world by one of these aircraft.


  • The first 747-400BCF conversion program was delivered to Cathay Pacific Airways in December 2005. The aircraft can carry a payload of 108 tons, designed to guarantee a range of up to 7,576 km.


  • The C-5M Super Galaxy, an improved variant of military transport plane C-5 Galaxy Lockheed Martin, can carry a maximum payload of 129 tons such as six MRAPVEHICLES and five helicopters.


  • The Boeing 747-200F, a variant transport exclusively based on the 747-200 passenger aircraft cargo can carry a maximum payload of 110 tons.

  • The Boeing 747-300SF  Freighter), which was developed under the modification program 747-300 can carry up to 106 tons of payload.


  • The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter, also known as 747-400LCF (Large Cargo Freighter), is designed to transport large fuselage sections and wings of the 787 Dreamliner from associatedFACTORIES around the world to the final assembly plant in Everett Boeing , Washington.

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