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The force of nature is something unusually large, so powerful that in a fit of land could disappear from the face of our planet. We are at the mercy of hundreds of climate changes and natural events. Like these Amazing Thunderstorms Images.

One of the most devastating storms are capable of starting ceilings, pushing and flooding everything. Combinations extremely fast winds with heavy rain, causing chaos in large land and sea areas.

super-cell-picture-amazingMarko Korosec, an amateur photographer originally from Sezana, Slovenia, has documented an impressive series of supercell storms in the famous ‘tornado alley’ in the midwestern United States.

  • Supercells are the least common types of storms. Its destructive power is only surpassed by hurricanes. This is certainly frightening, is somewhat imposing and intimidating.


  • What differentiates violent “normal” storms is a persistent rotating updraft called mesocyclone, allowing the storm to hold for many hours.


Common storms generate cumulonimbus clouds. They begin as dense and billowing white towers, formed when warm, moist air flows rapidly upward by convection currents powerful.

As the moist air is spread upwards to cooler parts of the atmosphere, moisture condenses,transforming fluffy clouds like cotton in a massive cloud of rain.


Although terrifying force of nature can be wonderful and even beneficial to mankind. We took advantage of the winds and rains to generate electricity from wind plants and dams.


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Pictures From The Air

By far, we can see things other perspective. It’s like the saying to see the whole picture. We are used to seeing from a close angle to the ground, because we are earthlings. We do not impress manyVIEWSfrom this perspective. But today we’re going to change that with these Pictures From The Air.

There are hundreds of great places you would not believe they are on earth. Some of these places are only visible in its entirety from space, or photos taken in space stations orSATELLITE. They are almost extraterrestrial places with strange shapes and unusual colors.


  • Fresh fluids. Fluid dark lava cover the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea on the island as seen in a satellite image 2003. Kilauea is said to be the home of the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele.
  • So our planet looks from space. Grooves gliding through shoals in the Wadden Sea, near the Netherlands, in a 2006 satellite image.


  • Caused by a meteorite. In a 2004SATELLITEimage, seasonal salt lakes are clearly visible inside the crater left by the Shoemaker 1.7 million years ago. It is the oldest meteorite impact known in Australia.


  • March to the Sea. Neumayer Glacier in South Georgia Island, east of the southern tip of South America, is getting closer to the ocean. 2009 satellite image.


  • caustic water. Lake Natron in Tanzania Vivid contains the world’s most caustic water. In this picture we see the water orange in a photograph taken in 2005.

lagoon-seen-from-skyWith these images you you could see that the earth is extraordinary and varied. Our planet is known as the blue planet, as well seen from space. But if we look closely we can see that there is more than blue on our planet.

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